Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lack of Time

Things have been super crazy for Ryan and I this year. On top of preparing for this baby, we run around like a chicken with our head cut off, everyday, trying to get everything done for school, work, home, friends, sports.

I have to give props to Ryan, I don't really know how he does it all. He is currently working 50-60 hours a week, and taking 8 credit hours of class on top of that. If that wasn't enough he plays soccer every week, and manages to help me around the house. He really is a trooper. I can tell it's taking a toll on him.

Why is he going back to school when he has a degree? Ryan recently has wanted to learn more about the medical field. He has always been interested in nursing, however; never really pursued further than getting his EMT. In the case that he wants to venture into a new career path, he wants the options to be open, so he is furthering his education. Nursing is very appealing to him, because of the time it offers to spend with your family, and because he has always had a passion for helping others. Although it is a HUGE time and financial sacrifice, I support him in his decision to further his education. He has really sacrificed the most, because he continues to work full time while pursing his education in Nursing. 

Ryan isn't "unhappy" in his current career choice, he enjoys construction management. He would just like to keep options open when it comes to spending more time with his family. He really started becoming serious about it, when he found out we were having a baby.

On my end of things. I am just trying to be the best wife and student I can. Being pregnant definitely exhausts me, but it's still possible to get everything done. I am currently taking 15 credit hours in school. I would be working, but I was put on bed rest up until Jan. and by this time the company I work for was in off season. I am not sure if I am planning on going back full time or not, but it's a possibility. I love working. I am sure I will love being a mom, but I am not sure what path I am going to take yet.

Honestly, I never realized how exhausting just keeping up with the house, cooking, bills, and school all could be. It takes more time than any other job!!

Ryan and I definitely embrace our weekends the best we can. Ryan has class Saturdays till 2, so I get girl time then. However, the rest of the time we spend with each other and friends. We love going out. We long for sundays where we can just relax with one another after church. We are very excited about Valentines Day weekend, we have a lot planned. We'll update you when that happens!

Other than that, we are happy, and can't believe how fast the time of us being together has gone by.

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