Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Ryan and I had a wonderful weekend! We spent it with friends and family and our amazing little Austin! (Who isn't so little anymore)

Friday was kind of uneventful. I came home from work around 8 and did homework, and ended up passing out for the night. I felt bad because Ryan totally wanted to go out, but I was too exhausted. I am back to working full time and going to school and trying to be a good mom. That can take a lot out of anyone. Sometimes I don't know how I do it, I just do.

Saturday was such a great day. Karla came over and did my hair :) and then we went to hang out with our friend Sarah at the pool in Eagle Mountain. Later that evening Ryan and I had a bonfire with our friends Jake, Aubre, Sean, and Cari. We made delicious tin foil dinners and roasted starbursts.

Sunday, Ryan and I went up to our friends the Johnson's cabin. There we rode four wheelers, relaxed, ate good food, and just spent time with one another. It was really nice getting out of town for a bit. Everyone loved spending time with Austin!

Memorial day was spent running a few errands. Later we headed up to Salt Lake City to have a BBQ with my family. We hung out at the pool and ate delicious steak, chicken, and brauts (sp?). It was nice spending time with my sister Jessi and my sweet nephew kason. I had missed them a ton while they were in Hawaii!

Now unfortunatley it's back to work for Ryan and I. I hope we can take a little trip to california soon. I am in need of the beach and a little family vacation...Maybe for our 3 year anniversary. Next weekend Austin is getting blessed. I am so excited, but I need to find his outfit!

Cheers! <3>

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