Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The past 6 weeks...

The Past 6 Weeks

I'd have to say a lot has happened in 6 weeks.
Mostly great things :) This year has really turned out to be a better one than the past 2.

As you know, 6 weeks ago I had a beautiful baby boy.
he is growing so fast, and might I add, he is a chunky one. 
I don't exactly know how much he weighs right now, but it's over 10 lbs.
He's such a great eater, and goes about 3-4 hours in between. If I am lucky sometimes more.
He barely ever cries (he'd rather grunt lol)
He looks so much like both Ryan and I it's crazy!
He's absolutely perfect.

Also, I had lots of visitors. 
My best friend Mary came to visit from Georgia! 
We had lots of fun! 
I miss her so much.
My Step Mom Jenny, My Sister April, and My Grandma Jeanette came in town the week after.
It was Jessi and Dustin's graduation and they came to meet Austin.
It was wonderful spending so much time with them. 

Another amazing thing.
We are currently under contract for a new built home that will be finished in september.
We have already been approved, we will not close, however, until August.
I am very excited for the things to come.

I finished another semester of school with great grades.
I officially only have 1 year left until I am completely DONE with school.
It has been hard being pregnant having a baby and continuing school, but I am proud of myself.
Not only did I complete 2 full semesters. I managed to complete them successfully with good grades

Although I have experienced a lot of bad the past 2 years. 
I am grateful for the good that God has brought into my life.
I miss my Mom and Dad more than words can express.
At times I get angry and wish they were both here to help me, but then...
then God reminds me of my purpose and the good I still have left on this earth.
I am grateful.

I can't wait to see what the next 6 weeks brings me :)
Life is Good.

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  1. beautiful post!! I'm glad the last six weeks have been good. Can't wait to hear more about your home --how exciting for you two!