Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Newly Weds

Well Ryan and I are finally hitched!!! It feels nice I must say, and we both agree! For those of you who don't know our story well it is a good one I decided to tell it now!

Ryan and I met in February of 2009 through his room mate Erik who had stats with me. We were sitting in class and Erik was like "Hey I think you should go on a date with my room mate Ryan, he is super attractive but only hangs out with his guy friends." I saw some pics on facebook and was way impressed but hesitant to do the whole "blind date" before actually ever talking to the guy. So Erik suggested our friendship on facebook and one night I saw him (Ryan) online and his status said "What to do in Provo on a Friday night." So i saw that he was on facebook chat and basically we ended up going out on our first date to the BYU Creamery (cute right? ha).
Well from then on we became very good friends but were both pretty skeptical of getting into a serious relationship. At first Ryan seemed all for the experience. He kissed me on our third date while watching The Biggest Loser (aka: our favorite show) and I didn't kiss him for a whole MONTH after that. Yeah I was playing hard to get. However, after a slow and steady unsure 2 months on April 20th we came to the conclusion that we were totally meant to date and have been together every since.

As it became August 2009 Ryan and I made a trip to see my parents in Ga. We all went down to Panama City Beach, FL for the remainder of the trip and there was when he told me he loved me for the first time (Yeah took him 6 months ;) ha) So by November I was kinda getting the idea that I wanted to marry him. We had talked about it and he had no sights of marrying anyone else but I wanted it to happen sooooon! Well I went dress shopping just for fun and found my dress in November so before he even proposed I totally bought a dress because I figured... hey either way I'll be getting married someday. So I thought he would propose on my birthday, then maybe Christmas... or new years? But no still hasn't come...

Till one cold March night (March 12th)! I had pretty much the worst day ever and I came home from work and Ryan was like "let's go to your favorite restaurant in salt lake (the Garden), and I was kinda like okayyy but how did we pick what we were going to do so fast, cause we are normally very indecisive. So we get to salt lake, eat, and head home and Ryan wants to stop by the Timp. Temple (my favorite) and I was like oohkay? So we are walking on the grounds it is like 20 degrees and I Have to use the restroom. So we get to right in front of the temple on the grass lawn and Ryan is hugging me and I am like okay I am cold can we go, but he kept stalling and wouldn't take his hand out of his pocket, and I was like what is up? And he was like " I love you" and I was like well "I love you too" and he was like "prove it" and I said "No, you prove it...I am going to the car I am freezing" so I break free and head towards the car and I notice he is not following me and he then said "wait" and when I turn around he is on one knee. I was so happy I just jumped on him and was like "YES!" didn't even see the ring yet.

Well now 5 months later here we are a happily married couple. We moved into our new place in Provo a couple of blocks from school. We really love it!

We went on our Honeymoon to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and it was a blast. Pictures can totally tell all!

The rest of the posts will just be updates on our life, but I must say it is way fun playing housewife!!


  1. Cute story! Thanks for sharing sis! His proposal sounds alot like ours.. Devin and I went to the joedan river temple and as we were leaving he kept stalling and by the waterfall he kept getting me to look up at the temple and then sit on the bench by it and as I went to get up he pushed me back down into sitting position, dropped to his knee and proposed.. he didn't have the ring yet.. haha..