Monday, February 7, 2011

It Takes Patience to Learn Patience

Before reading my post I encourage you to read this:

Seems today patience has been a real battle for me. Actually patience is constantly a battle for me. I think it is a battle for many who are not wise and or experienced. Although everyday seems to be a constant battle between choice with your mind on what to be or not to be patient about. After reading the above article I must that that my life only gets complicated and frustrating because I have FAR from mastered Patience.

Today I lost my patience with Chemistry, I was so frustrated that after 4 hours of homework, class, and group study I still wasn't understanding. However I realize that my mind is being pushed further then it's limits and if I was patient and took things one step at a time I would be much for able to learn the concepts.

Thats just one example in life. I think all to often us as human beings want things now, or what to see results now, and because we don't reach such high expectations it interferes with our happiness. We complain more then we contemplate on what can be done differently or be changed. As I was reading that article I realized how different life could be for one who masters patience. What could possibly frustrate you? What could you not learn? How could you not grow from others and from experience.

I guess my goal in life is to really learn patience, but as we know it takes a whole lot of patience to learn patience. I guess that is what they mean "learn by doing" haha.

A few things I want to work on patience with.
1. School (more patience understanding the material)
2. Exercise Results (I am not going to become skinny and ripped over night haha)
3. My Husband (with his time, his school, and his needs)
4. My Family (oh you know how families are)
5. Utah Drivers (oh this one will be hard...)
6. Teachers (mainly my chem and bio teachers... Need to speak english AH)


"Patience is a VIRTUE"


  1. I'm right there with you on learning patience. I've found that the more I'm inpatient, the worse I make the situation. Someday, hopefully, I'll get to the point where I can calmly face situations and not let it rattle me! ps: I want to read the article! The link didn't show up for me :(

  2. Ahhh boy do I understand how you feel in regards to patience. Ir is something I am lacking too and it is frustrating. I need patience with patience.. because I so do not have it. When kids don't cooperate with their assignments it gets so frustrating. I used to joke, that when patience was handed out in the Pre- mortal existence.. I must have been absent!