Thursday, January 13, 2011


So I know I have been a total slacker on this thing lately. Life has been crazy though and I haven't had anytime. Honestly Thursdays are really the only days I have time to write so I am going to make that my goal!

So since the beginning of December...
Ryan and I went "home" for Christmas to see my Daddy and Step mom and the rest of the family who has yet to migrate to Utah like everyone else haha. It was a wonderful wonderful two weeks there! The drive was exhausting. Ryan and I drove straight through on the way there without stopping to sleep, but on the drive home we were so exhausted so we stopped twice. I got to see my Grandma on the way home and that made me super duper happy! Basically we just spent a lot of time with my family in Georgia. I saw my old friends to the select that made an effort, but the main trip was to spend time with my Daddio and Jenny! I missed Georgia terribly and it felt so wonderful to be back there. Towards the end of the week I knew it was time to get back to reality I came back to Utah and realized that this was actually my home now. I am really quite happy here and I think another move would just be exhausting. Yeah it took me two years to except Utah but I don't mind it anymore... Besides when the temperature outside is 1 Degree. EW! So anyways that was an awesome trip!

Now back to life in Utah. So I am back in school FULL time. It feels so amazing to be back on track and although there are some set backs to my graduation date with transfers I am still grateful to be back in school. I hope to be finishing what I started ( A Bio Degree ) next April if all goes smoothly. Ryan is on his last semester which is weird but kinda nice. We rarely get to see each other but that is what happens when you work and go to school full time.

I really want to go to PA School. That is my life career goal and we will see if I can get there. I personally think that I can do anything I put my mind to I just have to not let everything and everyone get in my way. I have a very supportive husband which makes things so much easier.

So... on January 10, 2011 Ryan and I have been married 6 Months! WOOOO I know that isn't a LONG time but hey we are half way through the hardest year right? ;) Naw its not tough being married the man of my dreams who treats me like a princess! Hehe!

Anyways I think I am just rambling now... I know this post wasn't like super entertaining sorry!! When I update more I will start writing more on my randomness then give you a life biography lol!

Oh and pictures are two much of a pain to post right now. I know all of ya'll have my facebook so just look there!!!

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  1. Awww! So glad you are happy sis! I miss you guys like none other. xxoo