Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Home sweet Home

Oh how I am getting so so so excited. Ryan and I leave for Georgia in just 2 days! The drive is going to be dreadful but I am so grateful that we can even make it home for the holidays. I haven't been to Georgia in over a year and a half and it is getting kinda ridiculous :) Although it is colder then Utah in Georgia right now... Humph!

SO life has been crazy as always. I guess it never really slows down! Ryan has had finals all week and I have been trying to grow some money on our money tree lol! This past weekend was such a blast. A lot of hard work but fun! Saturday we worked over at Ryan's best friends parents fixer up house from 9am-4pm then we headed over to my brothers show "Get Naughty" in salt lake and worked from 6pm-1am. Didn't get home till about 2:45 ah! However we made money and that is what counts!

I cannot lie I am so ready to roast by the fire in my cozy lake house with my husband. I have yet to be home since we have been married. It will be so nice to see my and family and especially my sister and her 6 kids. I haven't seen my nieces and nephews in so long. They are all growing up too fast. Or maybe I am getting to old to fast. It seems the older I get the more I long to be close to my family and not miss a thing. Or the more I long to start my own little family.

I just want to say I am so grateful for my husband. I swear he is the most patient person in the world! I have been such a moody person these past two weeks and he just takes it like a man! Also tries to calm me down in between! He also has been so patient with me wanting to go back to school instead of working full time. More understanding then most. Money will be tight but it will all be over soon and we will be graduated. I just can't wait any longer I have taken off way to many semesters. I miss school. I miss learning. I also miss Ryan because he is always at school and next semester between both of our schedules we will be lucky if we see eachother before 10pm every night haha! I just know I love him and am so so so grateful for him! He is the bestest!

So for all those who know my mom and love to have updates on her... She is doing so good. She has gained all her weight back, she is always smiling and always has a positive attitude. I am so grateful she is here in Utah and I get to spend time with her on a regular basis. It has been such a blessing. She did however shave her head but she has one cute wig to cover her little bald head with. So adorable. She only has 4 more sessions of Chemo and then DONE. wooo what a trooper.

I can't think of any other great news at the moment, but I really wish I had a Camera :(

Love yall!

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  1. Yay! You'll have so much fun in Georgia! I bet by the time you get there, it will warm up!!