Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving & Welcome December

Wow this year has just flown by! What an incredibly wonderful year it was!

I must say a lot has gone on this month. First off I turned 22 :) My husband made it such a wonderful day! The night before I got to go out to eat with many friends and then they threw me a surprise dance party! The "birth day" I got to start out my day by running a 5k to fight cancer for a man in my ward! I then got to spend the rest of the day surrounded with friends and family! It was wonderful!

Thanksgiving weekend was so nice! Ryan and I spend the time with his family, helping decorate. I learned how to make a turkey and all sorts of other things! Thanks to Ryan's mom! We got to see my sister in law Michelle :) and the kids! My brother arrived here on Thanksgiving day for a permanent move! So many great things!

I read my sisters blog and I felt I should put some things I am grateful for this year!

* I am Grateful for my wonderful Husband whom I had the opportunity to marry and live with forever! He is so hard working and I couldn't ask for more!

* I am grateful for my mother and father for being so strong and fighting their illnesses the best they can. I am grateful they lived another year of their lives!

* I am grateful for every challenge and opportunity I had been given, every hurdle, every obstacle because through them I learned I can do it, and I am strong.

* I am grateful that my brother and his family have moved to Utah I missed them dearly!

* I am so grateful my dad got re-baptized. It has been a prayer I have held close to my heart for many years.

* I am grateful for the talents God has blessed me with.

* I am grateful for the friends I have, the love and support they show me, and especially the ones who although I have 2000 miles from them make an effort to keep me close.

* I am grateful for the healthy life I have been given so I can run. I love to run.

* I am grateful for my in-laws they love me dearly and try to support me in all of my choices.

* I am grateful for the Gospel. If it wasn't for the gospel I wouldn't know who I was, or what to do with my life, or made it through what I have.

* I am so grateful for my family. Although we all have our differences we all love each other with all we have!

Thanks to everyone for following me :) I can't wait to be out in GA in just 18 short days!

Our Cozy Little Home

Precious Niece Olivia

Birthday Bash

The 5K


  1. aw your cozy little home is adorable! I am grateful you married Ryan and became my friend!

  2. Hey dear sweet sis! I guess I will make my blog public again. You should be able to view my link. All you need to do is put your google log in information and it should let you view it. I have your e-mail address approved unless you are logging in with a different e-mail address some of the time. you have to log in with the e-mail address approved by me. I have to approve my readers. So I see it finally snowed there! you have a cute cozy home! You are very blessed to already be in your own home. :-) Keep smiling. I miss you! Thanks for posting all the cute pictures and glad you had a happy thanksgiving!

  3. Or whatever you log into blogger with for your own blog.. just log in with that info..

  4. I also have a public blog (not a family blog) that I post at: www.gaflygirl.blogspot.com I post the personal family pictures,events at my family blog though. I think I will makw my blog public though to make it easier for everyone. :-)