Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall in love with Fall

Hey guys! So I know I don't write in this thing a lot but life has been so incredibly busy but wonderful. This month is the season that fall begins and I LOVE FALL! Not only because my birthday is in the fall but the cool air, and the changing leaves... and the smell of pumpkin spice...ahhh I just love it.

This month has been pretty spectacular. It started out by my wonderful friends and business partners flying out from Georgia and joining me for the October Convention: Driven! It was a life changing weekend and I will say a HUGE motivator. We had speaker Kevin Carroll who is a human catalyst and started the "red rubber ball" movement come talk to us about motivation and making a difference it was awesome. Not to mention we got all the BIG news and science behind VITALITY. This product is truly amazing! Never knew science would get to this point...being able to increase physical vigor, mental acuity, and sexual desire on an entirely genetic level... remarkable.

Also I got the chance to get my house set up and decorated for fall. It is finally starting to feel like a home :) Of course it takes a lot of cleaning and doing laundry every day haha. But I love it, and I love married life. Ryan is in school quite a bit but I look forward to the day he is GRADUATED haha!

Other then that I can just say that I am excited for the rest of the month. Kelsey Tucker and I are planning a Halloween party for all us married people, and then we also started to do a girls night every week with Karla Klingensmith! We totally watched Tinkerbell this week and I loved it. I have been getting up and going to the gym almost every day and it feel good, all though I have lacked a little bit this month with all that is going on.

Ultimately life is good. I am greatful to be alive, healthy, working, able, and married :) oh and so ready to be 22!! My husband brought me home flowers today because I missed him so much!

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