Monday, October 4, 2010

My heart goes out...

This morning Ryan asked if I could take him to school. I grumbled under my breath and complained about getting up to take him to school. I do that all too often. I then proceeded to hesitate going to the gym because I had a "lack of motivation" didn't want to use those legs of mine. Wanted to be lazy and lay in bed.

Well I pushed through the lack of motivation and went to the Gym and I am more then glad that I did. I pushed through my 4 mile workout feeling like dying, in pain and wondering why I do this to myself. Then I finished my work out and went to stretch... and there is when it happened.

A man in a wheel chair, prob in his early 60's exercising his neck... because that's all he could excerise. His legs were bound and his arms weren't able to move... I looked at him and he looked up at me and our eyes met and I felt this overwhelming gratefulness for he legs I have & the good health I have, all the blessings I had, and right there on the Mat where I was stretching I broke down in tears, I then wanted to look back at him and smile and just say thank you, but I couldn't. I was ashamed at myself to even look back at him again. I then remembered last friday at the Gym when I saw a girl on the elliptical next to me with one leg pushing through as much as she could through the work out. I then on my way home from the gym this morning saw a man in a wheel chair at the bus stop trying to get on...

These people don't complain, they don't hesitate their abilities... they just do what they can and are grateful for it. Today when I looked at that man I realized how encredibly blessed I am. I have two legs that have worked very well my whole life... I run, jump, play I can use my arms to do things every day. Yet I don't appreciate it. I see people less fortunate then me every day and I just turn my cheek. I don't help the beggar, I don't talk to the quiet person in the corner. I yell at stupid drivers instead of just laughing it off.

I can't explain what I felt today fully in words... All I know is my Heavenly Father really opened my eyes today. I am grateful for that. He touched the part of my heart that hadn't been softened. He made me realize what I have and how lucky I should feel.

That man, I want to thank him... For showing me I shouldn't complain and I should just do. I should be grateful for my health, grateful for my many many blessings.

“The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings.”-Eric Hoffer

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