Monday, March 28, 2011


Soooo yeah my healthy food diet a couple of weeks ago did not exactly happen. I have a SERIOUS addiction to crappy food especially in and out burger BLAH! I then realized after way to long that I have completely LOST my amazing body that I worked so hard for when I first moved to Utah.

I have put so much crap into my body, I finally felt it was time to do a master detox and cleanse. I know many who are doing it and have been successful and also have felt better than ever, SO today I started my Detox.

My detox consists of 2 days of the Lemon Water Detox and 8 days of juiced fruits and vegetables and my normal amount of exercise.

I am determined to: 1 get my body back and 2 to cleanse my body. It is only fair to my body. I have taken pictures of before and, I will take them after. So wish me luck!

On a completely different note: I pretty much have my adventurous side of me back. This weekend Ryan and I and the rest of the gang went to Provo Beach Resort and rode the FLO RIDER, it was so much fun :) Here is a little preview!

On April 7th I am going to Las Vegas for what was supposed to be Ryan's soccer tournament but that got cancelled. Bummer dude. So we are going to celebrate his 28th Birthday wooohoo! Lots of fun coming up!


  1. I am so proud of you sis. Let me know how the detox diet goes. I have been wanting to try one but not had the courage to do one yet, and this one sounds delicious and healthy. I just don't know if I could go to only taking in juices.

  2. I did this for a week in January, except I allowed myself solid fruits and veggies as well. I added grilled chicken and lentils to it though, because I was talking to a doctor that I work with about it and they said if you don't get enough protein, your body just breaks down your muscle to get it. So even though you are getting the benefits of a detox, you are losing weight from muscle, not from fat! So if you dont add a protein to your diet, just make sure you research which veggies are plentiful in protein so your body doesnt break down muscle instead of fat. good luck!