Thursday, March 17, 2011

March Madness

Today begin's a crazy month of not only AMAZING basketball March Madness, but madness of the semester ending in a month, cold to sunshine, and finding jobs, and all this stuff. I do not have to much to say the picture explains enough.

Yes I only filled out ONE Brackets

Also Ryan and I haven't taken a picture in forever && I am getting my hair done today so I figured might as well get one last picture in together before my hair changes AGAIN!

On a final note I would not normally do this but I need lots of prayers for my dad. He is sick and needs a surgery and please pray that he gets approved and will be able to heal. Thank you! My dad has always been my Hero and I am of course a HUGE daddy's girl and I really would love for him to be able to see me grow up and my children grow up!

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