Friday, April 29, 2011

Movin, Movin, Movin

Okay so it has definitely been awhile since I have updated the blog, mainly because life has literally been INSANE right now.

So as of the past two weeks this is what has happened!

Week One: Ryan had 3 finals, and a final project, and work.
I had 4 Exams, 2 papers, and work!

Week Two: I had 3 Finals, work, moving out of our first place.
Ryan, work, school, and also moving out of our first place.

So as you can see, we have had really no time at all to update. So here it goes, Friday night and finally a moment, or two...


So the update for me will be short since I have a blog just for myself that I will also be updating, but life is all in all good. I have a lot of changes coming a head of me, and many which I am not yet going to announce to public, but the time will come (No I am not pregnant lol). There are a select few who know this little secret though, and trust me, Ryan and I are just as excited as you are :)

So as I mentioned Ryan and I have been moving all week, many have asked.. Where too? Well we have moved into his parents (yes the in-laws) for a short period of time, actually approximately till around June 26th, then we are headed to another destination, in which both Ryan and I are really looking forward to. Moving out of our first place was bitter sweet, and yes I had a sad moment of memories and tears as we were getting ready to leave and lock up the place. First places they say you will never forget. It's where you as a couple began your life, made it through some of the hardest adjustment months, and also some of the happiest most exciting months. I already miss it, but it is on to new and better things!!

Other than that not much is new. I am working at a Legal Transcription company, and I transcribe legal cases. (As in, I listen to the, and then type what I hear lol!) It's a flexible job, and as most of you know it was long needed, since I haven't had a job in well months. Oh and I am going to Georgia for a whole week May 22-30, but without my husband, I am going to miss him so much, and this will be the longest I have ever spent apart from him in well, almost 2 1/2 years. So I hope I am prepared for this. Why am I going there without him, well I have things to do, and I want to spend some quality time with my daddy! Life is short and you should get in as much time as you can with the people you love!

Anyways some a recap picture that says it all from the move last night!


Ryan is currently going through his FINAL semester of college and then he is a BYU Graduate! I am so proud of him, although he may not know that at times, because I complain how much school takes him away from me, but this is a huge accomplishment. He has worked so hard and been so dedicated and I am so incredibly proud of him. I look up to my husband so much when it comes to determination and will power.

Ryan is also about to start another outdoor men's soccer season till we move outta here! (Can't tell you where yet!) and I know he is so excited about soccer, he loves it, it's his passion. He always tells me I need to get a hobby, well I love soccer to, but there is just no girls teams to join!

Other than that Ryan is also anxiously waiting the time where we move on to bigger and better things, and start our life without college involved, for him at least, I still have some time to go!

Well we love you all, and the big news breaking blog will be coming... shortly :)

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  1. woohoo Congrats to Ryan! Can't wait to see ya sis! Love ya! I so need to update my blogs