Saturday, May 14, 2011

And it's GEORGIA

In exactly 6 Weeks from tomorrow Ryan and Myself will be on our way to Georgia with a U-haul and all of our stuff inside. We are heading back to the ATL. Ryan is going for work, and we hope that all is successful and works out for us there. It is a serious blessing that we have been offered and it will be so wonderful to get to be close to my dad while he is going through the stage in life that he is. I am super excited, but I will miss many things about Utah...

1. Mountains when it's summer and they are green and majestic.
2. Out Door rock climbing.
3. My mom, brothers, sisters.
4. My 2 soon to be 3 nephews who will be out here.
5. My friends, I love you guys.
6. The church being everywhere.
7. The summer outdoor activities.
8. My In-laws.
9. In and Out Burger.
10. Zupas.

10 things I won't miss.

1. Utah Drivers.
2. An over populated city full of college students.
3. Call Centers.
4. Alarm Companies.
5. Snow and cold 9 months out of the year.
6. The Desert.
7. Lack of thunderstorms.
8. Inversion
9. Road Construction
10. Cookie Cutter Houses ( as in 4 houses in one little tiny house).

Yeah there are so many things to look forward to in Georgia like...

1. Lake Lanier.
2. My Daddy & Step Mom.
3. My best friends.
4. Wakeboarding (never did it in Utah).
5. A Real job.
7. A big city.
8. Cheaper living.
9. Better concerts.
10. Close to MANY beaches.

There are many more but I will spare you. We leave June 26th, I am going to Georgia on Sunday May 22 to go look for places to live and get other things ready for us to move. Yes, I am going without Ryan, he is in school and it's going to suck!

Now for an update on us:

Ryan: He is chugging away at his last two classes before he graduates. He Is working almost full time but we get to see each other much more than we did last semester. There is not to much new going on with him, but I think he is happy to get a vacation from me :P lol. Oh well actually I just thought of something, Ryan's team won their soccer game today, and he had goal but then they called it off sides, LAME.

Ashley: I am not working any longer I got laid off again. I will be so happy when I move to a state that doesn't hire you for a couple of weeks then have to let you go. I am just trying to keep myself very busy during the day. I am trying to get back into exercise and eating health but it is really hard. Just ready to move. Oh and I went from Blonde to Brunette and I love it.


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  1. love the new hair color!! We need to hang out one last time before you guys head off to Georgia! We miss our Provo-friends!