Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Obsessions

Ryan and I have had many new exciting things happen to us lately, and some not so happy things happen. I suppose life always has to have the good and the bad's though. If we didn't how ever would we learn to appreciate the good.

A quick update:Ryan and I are moving to Georgia on Wednesday. The postponement didn't last long, because unfortunately my dad's health seems to be declining quickly. He needs us out there as soon as possible so we have been preparing to go. I am very excited and I think Ryan is too, actually I know he is. Other than that we have just been busy with summer life. Enjoying being married and having a lot of time with each other. Ryan is finishing up his last class which is online, and then he is done with school. I am so happy and excited for what is to come in our life. We are so blessed.

#1 Las Vegas
Ryan and I recently celebrated out one year anniversary in Las Vegas and we had so much fun. We also had realized that in the past 2 1/2 years we have been there 5 times, and we will be going on  in September. The picture below is the view from our room at Monte Carlo.

#2 New 2012 Limited Elantra
Ryan and I also recently bought a new car :) Yes we love it, and yes it's our baby seeing as we don't have an actual baby yet. It has navigation system, voice call, front and rear seat heating, XM radio, we just love it!

#3 The Band Perry
I am pretty sure every chance we get we jam out to their songs "You Lie" and "If I Die Young" as loud as we can and pretend like we are famous. It's super hilarious, you should watch us sometime!!

#4 Margaritaville Volcano Nacho's 
So yeah, we discovered this delicious nacho's in Panama City Beach in 2009, and we'll there is a Margaritaville in Vegas and we just eat there.... every chance we get. Not healthy but so good.

The End :)


  1. Hi Ashley! Sorry I have been M.I.A. lately, but I just wanted to write to say hello and tell you that I hope all is well with your dad. Praying that things get better. Lots of love!

    <3 Tiare

  2. LOL I think if I ate that plate of nacho's piled that high, I wouldn't be able to eat for a WEEK! LOL but it sure looks yummy! can't wait for ya'll to be out here! Love ya sis!
    April (family blog)