Friday, September 16, 2011

The good, the bad, the ugly...

I would say that I should of updated earlier, but I didn't have time. I'll be honest.

Ryan and I have literally changed our whole life plan in a matter of seconds this past July, and the past few months have definitely had, good, bad, and ugly moments.

The Good:

To start, Ryan has a new Career he is starting with my dad's company Moreland Machinery Co., Inc.  It is a wonderful opportunity and he is slowly working his way into it.  Unfortunately the man who knows it all is not here to train him, but he is staying positive and working hard.

The next good news is about my sister Jessi :) She had her beautiful baby, my wonderful precious Nephew Kason Bill Brandon.  He is my favorite in the entire world and I want to spoil the heck out of him :)

Also, I am in school full time and I am actually really loving it this semester. I have officially changed my major to Business Marketing and I believe I Have finally found my passion.  I am also doing the marketing for my dad's company for a huge trade show that we are going to next week in Las Vegas :) It has been such a great experience.

The Bad, and the Ugly

The day we left for Georgia my father went into the hospital to get a treatment that was supposed to make him "better" and make it possible for him to get a liver transplant. Unfortunately it did the opposite and we did not know to what degree my dad's illness had progressed. The day we got into town we went straight to the hospital.  He seemed to be okay but was on many machines making him feel better and making his body function. On Sunday he was a little more out of it, and by Wednesday and was basically on life support.  This continued for weeks. He was unconscious for most of the time until the 2nd week in August where he woke up.  He made it clear he was ready to go.  We moved him to hospice after doing all that we could do for him, and unfortunately passed away on August 13, 2011.  I am doing my best to push along and we miss him very much.  He was a wonderful, incredible, caring, generous, forgiving man and he can never be replaced.

Life goes on...

After all of the chaos, Ryan and I have managed to settle down and get into a routine.  We love out new apartment and I Have a few pictures I can post.  I love school, and I love work, and I am generally happy with life. I just miss my dad...
Ryan and I at Lake Lanier :)


Our Living Room

Our Living Room

Our Kitchen

Our Dining Area, we need a new phone.

Our Front Entry Way

Guest Bedroom


Master Bath

Guest Bathroom

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  1. So sorry to hear about your loss. I can't imagine what that must be like. It sounds like you're holding up okay; especially because you have a sweet little nephew to squeeze. I'm so glad you have found your passion in school. That makes all those classes much more enjoyable! Your new apartment is huge! It must be nice to have all of that space. I love your "Love" wall. It looks nice!