Tuesday, November 1, 2011

FAM [ily]

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I know, I know. I am terrible at updating this thing!
The good news is... I'm trying :)

So this fall has been so much fun already!
Ryan and I visited Utah for Halloween!
We went to his best friend Jake's wedding.
I went out there to see my Mom and Sister.
It was wonderful to spend time with them. I wish they didn't live so far away.
Or vise versa haha.

Here are some pictures of the Halloween Party Hosted by Katie & Derek Peterson!
Nathan, Haley, Jaime, Peyton, Lucas

This is us with my precious Nephew Kason who was Jamie off -OTH

I love my sister to the moon and back!

So we also got to have a nice Sunday while we were out in Utah.
It was my nephews baby blessing. It meant the world for me to be there, and for Ryan to be a part of it.
We are so bless to have the Lord and the Gospel and Family in our lives!

The unfortunate news that most know, is I wrecked my brand new car.
The good news it... We have amazing insurance [state farm] and GAP insurance.
We were able to have our loan paid off :) and got a new car.
Okay Okay its the same exact car just silver!!

And on a final note :)
I got a new job!! I am hoping it is as great as it sounds.
Only downside... It's in Atlanta and that's a commute!
It's a marketing job in the same direction I want to go for my career.
Pray it works out for us :) We could def use it!

Life is good.
I am crazy in love.
I have the most amazing husband in the entire world.
Who FYI took care of me when I got food poisoning this week in Utah.
Although alot of bad has happened to us the past 3 months.
A lot of good has also.
I am grateful for God... He is so good. 
He has preserved my life, he has given me an amazing home, husband, job, and family.
I am truly blessed.


  1. You look like a natural holding that baby! I'm glad you found a new job and you got (another!) new car. We miss you guys too. Next time you make it to Utah, look us up!

  2. That is so awesome that y'all got to com back for the baby blessing! Good luck with your new job, baby girl!

  3. Kristen: Thanks girl! You are too sweet. Haha I don't know about holding a baby anytime soon :) But we will see!

    brittany! I miss you, hope we see each other again sometime!

  4. hey girl! i'm so happy that you found my blog! i'll be sure to follow yours. i'm so glad you married that man of yours :)

  5. Kelsie- Thank you girl! You are so sweet :)