Monday, January 23, 2012

End of the Year

November was an eventful month. 
Ryan and I celebrated my 23rd birthday quietly.
I went to church and Ryan stayed home because "he didn't feel good."
When I came home he had the whole dining room decorated :)
He also made me a brownie cake! (he knows I hate regular cake)
He tried so hard :)


That box has my present :)


Then we had Thanksgiving. 
We spent thanksgiving in Panama City Beach with Jenny's family.
It was an awesome thanksgiving.
Great food, and great company.
The weather in PCB was BEAUTIFUL.
I got to see my friend Brandi, but that is the only friend  I saw.
The hardest part of the trip, but saying goodbye.
The Bay Point house had been sold, and I had to say goodbye.
So many great memories there with family and my daddy.
So many Spring Breaks, Summers, Thanksgivings, Christmas's were spent there...

The Sunset was breathtaking!

I love this beach.

We're cute!

Happy to be at the beach!

The last time I will ever be staying at this house :(

Ryan's parents came to visit us mid December.
We spent Christmas together and had Christmas and dinner at my house.
I invited April, Devin and all the cute kids.
I swear kids are what makes Christmas.
I really enjoyed having everyone over!
I missed my family is Utah though :(

The day after Christmas we went to Charleston!
I love this place. We ate awesome food, and went site seeing :)
The weather was very windy and wet, but we still enjoyed it.
We had an awesome view of the Harbor from our hotel!

Eating at California Dreamin'

This is the view from out hotel!

At the end of the month we spent New Years with some friends at the lake.
We had a Bonfire, and played apples to apples.
It was a good time.
I was def. ready for 2012.

The first kiss of 2012!

That's all folks.


  1. your purse and pink coat are both so cute!! What a dreamy holiday spending time on the beach - your Utah friends miss you too!