Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lack of TUMS and Peppermint Gum

So not last night, but the night before I woke up at 1am with probably the worst heartburn I have ever experienced in my life. It literally felt like my esophagus was having a bonfire. I only had 1 TUM left, but since it was extra strength I figured it would do the trick. So I took the TUM, it didn't really help, so I tried this "home remedy" which was peppermint chewing gum, that surprisingly worked quickly. So for all my pregnant friends who have yet to experience heart burn, and will, it works. Then I went back to sleep.

Well... 4 am comes around and I woke up with even WORSE heartburn (yeah hard to believe) this time if felt like my esophagus was a sea of oil spilled and caught on fire. I realized I ran out of TUMS and seriously began to panic. I tried the gum, but at this point I was basically putting myself through torcher. I got up and went to smith's by myself and got TUMS, because Ryan was to unconscious to even realize what was going on.

That is my vent for the day... heartburn SUCKS!

Anyways, I went to the doctor yesterday and got an Ultra Sound. My little boy was hiding his face with his hands and his feet so we didn't really get a good picture at all, but the good news is...
He's almost 4 lbs (3 lbs 13 oz) and he is measuring exactly at 31 weeks. My doctor was worried because I was only measuring 26 and a half weeks, but the good news is, I just hide my baby well :) So all is good in the Taggart house hold. Only 9 weeks to go :) Yay!

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