Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Baby :)

I feel like every time I write a post, I am complaining about how much of a slacker I am. One day I will get better at this.

So far 2013 hasn't been too bad :) It's been super busy! Ryan and I are both going to school. Ryan is working full time, and were totally preparing for baby to be here soon.

So far we have our crib, stroller, and carrier/carseat, and bedding! We haven't really "set up the nursery" yet, but we are starting. We have been slacking on cleaning the nursery out. Right now it's full of christmas stuff and a foosball table! We are doing a Jungle/Sports theme. We didn't one just one or the other. Here is what we have so far:

We are very excited for our little one to come in 10 weeks :) Time has flown by, and I hope it continues. Although I hear the last month is the slowest. (YAY....not). We have an ultrasound on monday and I am super excited to see him again.

If you wanna know what we are naming him... we don't even know that yet. We'll just have to wait till he comes out!!


  1. You get at least 10 productivity points a day for growing a baby.

  2. Cute!! Love the bedding you picked. I can't believe you're only 10 weeks away!!