Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Twas the week before Christmas...

I have been such a blog slacker. Couple reasons...

1. I don't like my blog layout. I actually have interesting stuff to blog about, but until I can learn how to set up my blog the way I want it... I just can't get into it. If anyone knows how to help :) by all means advice is welcome! I want different pages like, married life, my own personal page, blah blah blah.

2. Ryan and I rarely take pictures. Which makes my blogs lackluster. Not so exciting!! We really do fun stuff, we just don't know how to capture it lol!

So, Ryan and I love the Holidays. The only part we both agree on disliking is the present buying part. Really... it's overrated. Ryan doesn't ever tell me what he wants so then it becomes this big guessing game. Our favorite part is snow, family time, and good food. We threw out FIRST Christmas party. Okay more like, first party period. It was a success! I made my famous chili and everyone else brought treats. We played fun games and talked. Everyone didn't leave till around 12:30! I was pretty proud of my Martha Stewart self. Things like this. I wish I captured. It was such a good night. I did however take a picture of the pre party set up. I also took some pictures of my pretty tree :)
Ryan and I have also done some other festive activities :) We went and saw The Christmas Carol play with his family in Salt Lake City. It was a very very good play. I give it a 9! I was impressed with how well the stage and costumes were done. We are going to see the lights on Thursday which is exciting :)

On a final note. Our little baby just had his 20 week ultrasound. Granted he was 24 weeks when we got it haha! He is super healthy and growing fast! Our awesome Tech did a 4D ultrasound for us for fun. We got to see our little one dancing around in the womb. He is so precious. He definitely has my nose, but I think the rest is dad :)

I will really try hard to take pictures this Christmas so I can actually have ones of Ryan and I. Until then... we only have one :)

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