Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Crazy Babyness

Sooooooo I am starting to "nest." Yeah I have been in denial for quite some time, but I am admitting it. I mean I am a normally clean person and all, but I have become what most people would call "OCD." Sad part it, its not even in the nursery, its my kitchen. I suppose I haven't started "nursery nesting" yet because well I don't have anything for the baby. I am sure that will come shortly after I have a baby shower. In the mean time... I am obsessing over other areas... yikes. Hey mama's out there? Is this normal to be going through this at 23 weeks?!

Also, I noticed this past week I have finally been kicking into "baby is coming" gear! Ryan and I have not bought one article of clothing for the little boy who is arriving soon (sooner than we apparently are realizing anyways). However, today all I have been doing is reading up on baby stuff. Breast feeding, classes, how to prepare... all that good stuff. I'd like to say, if ANYONE has any suggestions on books or how to prepare to be a mom, I am all for ideas. I hear its a natural process, but lets be real... resources help. 

I have especially been nervous realizing that when baby boy does get here... I am on my own after one week. Ryan doesn't get "paternity" leave... so I will have to be a quick learner. Without having my mom to help guide me, I am pretty uneasy about it all. I am told I'll be a great mother and it won't be that bad, but honestly... how the heck am I supposed to know exactly what to do without advice... So mama's give me all the advice you can throw at me. I know everyone is different, but hey your idea could fit my idea!

On a last note... I took Ry into babies R' us the other day... it was cute... really... you had to be there. he liked the Gliders... I assume so much he'll actually buy one and think it's for him....

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