Saturday, March 9, 2013

Last few weeks

Oh that moment when you realize, 40 weeks is too long to be pregnant, and you realize pregnancy should only last 35, because by the time 35 weeks comes around... you're done.

I haven't had the easiest pregnancy to say the least, it's been a constant roller coaster of joy and fear, pain and excitment. However, I know that right now I may be sick of it all, but I know when I have him... I'll miss this part.

Some things I'll miss about being pregnant:
1. Hearing his heartbeat. I have been lucky to the not so lucky enough to be able to hear my babies heartbeat for hours at a time. I don't know what it is about the sound, but it's the only thing that could make me forget the pain I was in, or the anxiety that I felt. Lying in a hospital bed, the many times I have, it's what lullabyed me to sleep. I will miss that. It was and is such a beautiful sound to me.

2. The kicking, the movements, the guessing which body limb this is. Sometimes the kicks are painful because I don't have much room in there, but boy am I going to miss it. I don't know what it is going to be like not having that constant reminder that baby is with me and doing good. He has been such a mover, and I am just going to miss it so much. I'm sure when he arrives, everytime he moves his hands and feet I am going to think of those little (or not so little) kicks.

3. My bump. As annoying as it can be sometimes, I am going to miss it. It's fun being pregnant. it's exciting to look down and realize, WOW I have a baby inside there. Although there are those emotional days when I just feel fat, I am quickly reminded that I am taking care of a child. Plus, I think my bump is kinda cute ;)

Some things I won't miss about being pregnant:
1. Nausea. I have been nauseated and basically lived on Zofran this entire pregnancy.

2. heartburn. Oh goodness, the minute I turned 33 weeks my esophagus blew up! It has been a tremendous battle at night and all day long. I think all those TUMS are what is giving me all my kidney stones!

3. Hiccups. Yes believe it or not; I will not miss my little man's hiccups. They feel like a constant muscle twitch lol!

4. Under active kidney. I will not miss getting a kidney stone every month. I've passed 7. Not fun!

All in all, despite the random bumps in the road along the way. Being pregnant isn't terrible. I am just ready to meet my little man and cuddle him in my arms. I want to feel his baby soft skin, and know that I am holding something me and my wonderful husband created!

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  1. I agree!! Being pregnant has not always been fun, but I'm going to miss it.,, especially the kicks!!