Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Almost finished!!!

 We are getting so so excited! Our house is almost finished. We should be moving in, in no more than 3 weeks. Yesterday I went by the house to check out the progress. 

The whole outside has been finished. Except for the fence and grass. We won't be getting grass in until April because it snows all winter long so kind of pointless. The inside tile is done and all the cabinetry is in! They were painting the walls when I visited yesterday. I am getting so excited! 

I haven't even begun to pack our apartment. I really should get on that. I feel like ill have time but then next thing I know another week has already passed! 

This was a shot from a few weeks ago. I am not a huge fan of the color but I don't hate it.

Also Ryan and I went to the BYU Game this weekend! We had great seats and really had a fun time. We don't get to go on dates very often and it was really nice. 

On Saturday night we hung out with our friends Madi and Taylor and another couple. It was a lot of fun! I always enjoy hanging out with them!

Sunday we had Jake and Aubre over for dinner. It was nice visiting with them! It had been much to long :) can't wait for future dinners! 

Austin is growing up way to fast! He is now 7 months. Where has the time gone? He laughs, and copycats me all the time. He eats a lot more solid food! He sits in a high chair. He babbles all the day long. He gets up on all fours but no crawling yet. He does like to scootch backwards. He's graduated to his stroller and not his carrier. And he sleeps through the night, about 12 hours. He is perfect! 

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