Saturday, November 2, 2013


So normally Ryan and I kinda struggle with this holiday. I attempted to be festive. I even bought stuff to make a wreath, but this year like every year, it never got done. I have the hardest time getting into Halloween. I wasn't even going to take Austin out trick or treating and honestly I didn't even buy him a costume until our friends invited us out trick or treating. They picked up a cute costume for him from Costco. I honestly wasn't feeling trick or treating at all. Work was long and I was tired, but the minute I saw Austin in that precious costume I couldn't help but be excited to show him off to everyone around.
He went up to about 10 houses and he grabbed his candy all by himself. Everyone loved him. I mean I am biased, but Austin is so darn cute!! I ended to having a blast and so did Austin. I may or may not have eaten a couple of pieces of his candy! 
This is about the time he was ready to go home :) haha!
And this was on the way home! He was all tuckered out! 

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  1. ah he is so adorable! I love the costume. We need to have another play date soon!