Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Happiness is my Husband

I am feeling overwhelmed with gratitude today.
I will not make this a long post.
I simply want to say, how grateful I am for...
My husband.
He cleans the dishes without asking.
He does the laundry when he knows I don't have time.
He is patient with my moods.
He is patient in general.
He loves me.
Not a simple kind of love either.
He loves me for everything I am, everything I can do, and can be, but...
He also loves me for everything I lack, for my short comings, my weaknesses.
He uplifts me, instead of breaking me down.
He believes in me.
Not only is Ryan all of this and more,
He is an amazing, amazing father.
He knows what it means to love his son.
To be an example to his son.
To be tentative to his son.
Although, he may not always want to get up in the middle of the night, 
He does.
He never gets upset, mad, or frustrated when Austin is fussy.
He changes poopy diapers without complaint.
Every night, he helps me with bedtime. No questions asked.
He has nothing but love for his child, and his wife.
For this I am grateful.
I have chosen well.

Women, appreciate all that your husband does. They need to know how you feel.

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