Monday, April 7, 2014

Happiness is...being grateful in our trials.

Ryan and I live really busy lives. Most days I try not to contemplate how busy our lives are, but somedays I can't help but feel exhausted from it.

I thought it was manageable being a full time Manager, Student, Wife & Mom, but I was CRAZY for thinking that. Even super woman can't handle all that without feeling exhausted! Not to mention throw a social life and spiritual life into that and I'm fried! 

I am not pleased with the circumstance I've got myself into, but I am grateful I am healthy, able, and determined enough to finish what I started. The talk given by Uchtdorf in General Conference really made me take a step back and see how I can be grateful in times of trials, distress, and hardship. I have been through quite a bit in the past 3 years, and I used to wonder when I would get a break. Taking a look back, I feel there was always a silver lining during my times of hardship. Always an upside. It's during those dark times that I tried to find any bit of goodness I could. I feel like being grateful during those times can heal you. 

I continue to tell myself, this isn't forever. Soon I can simply go to work and come home to my family. I'll have my degree and I'll have accomplished a task that has been a challenge since I began 7
Years ago. (Yes 7, I've had a lot happen inbetween). My husband and I can actually have time to workout, hike, camp, bike, enjoy life!

I am ready, so ready. 

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