Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Happiness is...your "real" self

My husband had me watch a documentary that was recommended to him by his sister Michelle. It is called "Finding Joe." I didn't want to watch this at first because it was 70 minutes out of my time that was too precious to give up. However, I'm grateful I stuck it out and watched the movie. 

This movie has really made me try to embrace my "real" self. In my difficult moments, and in my trials, I have tried to capture that small moment where I feel things that my "real" self feels. If you're wondering what I mean by "real" self. I mean that person that society doesn't tell what is right or wrong, that person who knows and believes they really can do anything they put their mind, effort, and energy too. The truth is, we rarely are our real selves. We get caught up in worldly standards, society standards and stereotypes for ourselves. 

I am not going to get into detail because that could make for a long blog, but I really suggest that everyone goes to iTunes and rents this movie. It's $5.00 and it's worth every penny. It's helped me realize what I thought brought me happiness really isn't what brings my real self and my subconscious happiness.

I captured a few moments that do make me happy, all the way down to the core.
Austin helping daddy fix a table!

Piggy back rides in the park

This boy and his elephant.
This boy makes me happier than anything possibly could.

This good looking man and the encredible father and husband he is.

A happy baby, after a good nap.

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